Blackbelt members

Jamie Sims 3rd Dan
A fantastic teacher with bundles of energy and enthusiasm, Jamie also shows great patience and care of his students.The other side of him is a talented athlete and fearsome fighter who continues to improve and gain ground on representing his country at international level. So far he has had great success at regional and national level and fights in an exciting and dynamic style which continues to endear him to his supporters.By Sensei Dave Austin Passed 1st Dan: 23/7/06
Passed 2nd Dan: 5/12/09
Passed 3rd Dan: 5/10/13
Chris Murphy 2nd Dan
A real blast from the past, Chris has a fantastic old school training ethic, a go hard or go home attitude. A real pleasure to have and teach at the club. Passed 1st Dan: 1/5/87
Passed 2nd Dan: 5/12/93
Angela Randazzo 2nd Dan
An extremely gifted young karateka that shows quality in all areas of karate.
Angela is also a promising instructor taking the time to help the club’s junior and senior members. Angela is a member of the KUGB England Squad and retaining southern region champion.
Passed 1st Dan: 6/6/10
Passed 2nd Dan: 1/5/12
Tonia Davison 1st Dan
It is very unlikely that there would ever have been a KUGB club in Woking if not for Tonia, as when the original Woking SKC instructor moved aboard, Tonia worked hard to keep the club alive. Certainly one of the clubs most loyal members!! Passed 1st Dan: 5/12/09
Kenny Lambourne 1st Dan
Achieving his black belt at the near age of 10, Kenny has a fierce competitive streak helping him get fantastic results in regional and national competitions. Passed 1st Dan: 4/11/12
Martin Lea 1st Dan
One of the few original Woking SKC members, Martin always gives 100% effort from the moment he enters the dojo doors. Passed 1st Dan: 23/3/13
Keith Lambourne 1st Dan
Travelling from Milton Keynes regularly makes him one of the most passionate students at our club. Keith is a calm and composed character with a no nonsense attitude towards his karate. Passed 1st Dan: 20/7/13
Petar Cule 1st Dan
Gifted with pure athletic talent, he can achieve anything he puts his mind to. Passed 1st Dan: 1/12/13
Stefania Randazzo 1st Dan
One of our newest dan grades, also one of the clubs biggest character but she always knows how to behave when in the dojo. Stefania won the kumite event at the 2012 Shotokan cup which is a fantastic achievement. Passed 1st Dan: 6/12/14
Avi Wolfsthal 1st Dan
Avi would make a fantastic member at any club. He is always willing to help when needed, having done an amazing job setting up the 1st Rising Sun website, any one of our members who found the club online has him to thank! Passed 1st Dan: 6/12/14
Alex Simpson
1st Dan
Alex has be dominant in the southerners Kyu grade kumite event in recent years, he is an extremely keen and hard working member of the club, even cracked ribs as a white belt couldn’t stop Alex from gaining his dan grade!! Passed 1st Dan: 18/07/15

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