Rising Sun Karate Academy

The Rising Sun Karate Academy teaches traditional Shotokan Karate under the instruction of Sensei Jamie Sims, 3rd dan black belt. We welcome karatekas of all ages and all ability levels. The only expectation is that you will be passionate about Karate as we are.

Shotokan Karate is a fantastic way to exercise both body and mind, gain confidence, improve your posture and learn how to defend yourself if it comes to that. More than anything else Karate is a journey of discovery – a way to learn new things not just about Karate, but about life in general and not least about oneself.

Whether you are already practicing Karate or you have never tried it before and whatever your ability level Sensei Sims will work with you to constantly yet gradually improve your technique. Anyone can practice and enjoy Karate and the Rising Sun Karate Academy is a great place to discover that, so why not join us today!

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