Sessions & Fees

We run three weekly sessions at various locations. Sessions are open to all ages and all levels, so parents can train together with their children in the same class. So why not join us today!

Fees are payable monthly by standing order with significant savings particularly for families:

Family Sessions per week
members 1 2 unlimited
1 £26 £40 £50
2 £42 £64 £80
3 £54 £84 £105
4+ £64 £96 £120

If you bank online setting up a Standing Order is normally very easy, just create an order payable to Rising Sun Karate Academy, account number 74359360, sort code 30-99-80. Otherwise please speak to Sensei Jamie and ask of a Standing Order form.

Plus! if you pay for the full programme (“train unlimited”) you can also train at Egham Karate Club at no extra cost! This represents incredible value. For example two family members can train up to five times a week for less than £2 a session!

If you pay cash sessions are still £7 each per person.

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