Inclusion Policy

We strongly believe that Shotokan Karate can be practiced by almost anyone who wishes to do so. Karate aims to improve one’s character through physical effort and that can be done by anyone. The main purpose of karate is not any set of specific techniques, but rather a certain attitude to life and a conduct that fosters self improvement, perseverance, loyalty and respect. In short, in pursuing the goals of karate one cannot be limited by anything except one’s own aspirations.

Although karate is practiced in a group, work and progress are individual and whilst we encourage all students to work hard, they are only expected to work as hard as they can. There are no set timetables or league tables, so if you or a child in your care have any kind of disability this may not necessarily mean that you or they cannot join us. If you have any special needs please contact us and we will be very happy to discuss how you could take part.

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