The Rising Sun Karate Academy is affiliated with the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB), the largest, most professional and most successful Karate organisation in Great Britain. The KUGB’s roots go all the way back to the very first Karate clubs established in the UK. Its chief instructors were trained by the great Karate masters such as Shihan Hirokazu Kanazawa and the late Shihan Keinosuke Enoeda, Thus the KUGB can trace it origins to master Gichin Funkoshi himself and carries on to this very day with the same Shotokan Karate traditions, ethos and professionalism laid down by the very person who created Shotokan Karate.


The KUGB is by far the largest, longest-established and most successful single-style association in Great Britain with currently around 7,000 male and female members of all ages active in over 300 clubs, all of which practice Shotokan Karate. The KUGB’s current Chief Instructor, Andy Sherry, 9th dan, is acknowledged as Britain’s most senior Karate practitioner.

With hundreds of clubs to the length and breadth of the country you are never too far from a KUGB dojo. To achieve the coveted black belt in Shotokan

Karate takes several years of hard work and doing it with the KUGB means that your training and achievements will always be recognised both nationally and internationally.

For more information about the KUGB visit their website.

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