Posted on January 31, 2012

On Wednesday, January 25th, the Kenmei Karate Club in Sutton celebrated its first birthday with a special charity event. Sensei Neil Jerome took on the 100-man kumite challenge to raise money for the Smile Train – the KUGB’s current charity appeal. The event, which was streamed live to the world (and watched by a few enthusiasts) also attracted karatekas from Woking Shotokan Karate Club and from Egham Karate Club. Sensei Jerome should be very proud in having raised nearly £600, which will enable more children in developing countries who suffer from a cleft to smile and lead a normal life. Oh, and they had cake too.

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Posted on January 17, 2012

This year’s KUGB charity appeal is the Smile Train. Sensei Neil Jerome of Kenmei Karate in Sutton has therefore decided to dedicate his club’s first anniversary on Wednesday, January 25, to promote this appeal. Instead of the normal session there will be a one hour free session followed by (drum roll) a 100-man kumite where the brave Neil Jerome will face alone a sustained onslaught of one hundred karateka!

So, if you have an unsettled score with Neil or just take pleasure in seeing a nice bloke suffer, come down to the Kenmei club in Sutton on Wednesday, January 25. Admission is free, but a £5 donation is suggested. Alternatively you can sponsor Neil online.

For more details about the event visit the Kenmei Club website.

About the Smile Train appeal:
The charity provides free treatment to children in developing countries who suffer from a cleft lip. This condition could be devastating as a person with a cleft lip may not be able eat nor speak properly. However, it is relatively simple and inexpensive to repair. Just $250 (about £170) could change a life and literally put a smile on a child’s face. The New-York Times has described the Smile Train appeal as “one of the most productive charities – dollar for deed – in the world”.

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